Habakkuk 1:2  “How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen?”

Many people seem to always ask the question, “Why?”  They ask this when things go bad or don’t go their way.  We may not ever know the answer to this question in this life.  So many people get side-lined by the “whys” and they never move on to a place of acceptance.  I don’t ask “why” anymore.  Instead, I ask “when?”  By asking this question, we show God that we are living by faith, trusting in His power and ability to do anything.  We look toward the day when God will pour out His richest blessings and fulfill the desires of our hearts.  “When” is so much more important than “why.”  By asking Him “when” something will happen, we acknowledge that everything that has already happened has done so because He has either allowed it or caused it to be so.  We rest in the knowledge that He is in complete control, that nothing disturbs Him, that He is still ruling on His throne.  When I ask Him “when,” I ask from the longings of my heart.  It’s in these times that I find I am more in line with His will.  My heart cries out to Him in desperation, begging Him to speak to me.  Too many times, the “whys” are incomprehensible to us because we are not yet prepared to receive them.  The “when,” however, is much easier for us to accept and prepare for.

The prophet Habakkuk lived at a time when violence was rampant and sin blossomed.  As a holy man of God, it deeply disturbed him to see such iniquity.  His question to the holy Lord was simply, “When?”  When would God finally bring judgment to all those who were trampling on His holiness?  When would the Lord establish His righteous throne upon the earth and put His enemies to flight?  When would God answer him in his agony?  God answers, but in such a disturbing way that Habakkuk can barely accept it.  He would use the enemies of His people to mete out judgment.  As the Lord explained to Habakkuk the reasoning and purposes of this decision, he slowly comes to accept God’s plan.  In the end, we find Habakkuk trusting in the sovereign Lord in spite of the difficulties he knows he will face.

Is this not where we all long to be in our relationship with Jesus?  He tells us things at times that are almost impossible for us to hear, but we must.  Once we realize that all our suffering will eventually come to an end in God’s time, our question of “when” has been answered and our faith has been strengthened.  So, maybe it’s time to stop asking “why.”  Instead, ask “when.”  Don’t be surprised if the Lord answers you!  But, be prepared to hear things that will astound you!